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Is Chocolate truly the nation’s favourite?

Many of us have a favourite type of chocolate – a classic bar of milk chocolate, perhaps a chunky bar of fruit & nut, the rich taste of a 70% cocoa variety, or a mix of flavours such as sea salt and lime, chilli or ginger. Regardless of your preferred flavour, one of the key factors in enjoying chocolate has always been the “mouthfeel” as you pop it in your mouth and feel it melt.


5 Ways to Resurrect your 2020 Conference

Is there a nagging feeling in your gut that this year, more than any other it’s important to get staff and leaders together?

Do you feel it is time to share the strategy which has changed so much? Is there a need to generate a sense of one organisation, separated by distance but united in purpose? Do your people deserve to be recognised for going the extra mile whilst stuck at home?

Some have simply cancelled their plans but in doing so will fail to give their business the shot in the arm it so desperately needs. Braver leaders are taking a bolder route, exploring new ways of communicating the mission and preparing now for the approaching moment when we can meet face to face. Here are five ways to reengage a large cohort without compromising health.

Unthinkable thinking

The world has changed and so have our lives. We may have even adopted a new outlook, refocused on what really matters –health over wealth, friends over followers. We could be forgiven for feeling that we’ve done enough, we’ve adapted and changed to cope with our new reality.

Have we done enough? In the months and years to come, it won’t be sufficient to simply cope. We must be prepared to reinvent our products, our work and ourselves to thrive in a future which is hard to imagine. Many others have written on the societal and economic changes we are likely to encounter, so I won’t elongate this piece by repeating their words. My concern today is with our thinking. How has this changed and does it need to?

Ewe and I make a great team…

A run through the countryside demonstrated how a group can quickly become a team when faced with an unexpected challenge.

Ewe and I Team Building

Two ewes and four lambs were out of their field and roaming the woods on a local running route, so we responsibly set about coaxing them back through the gate to the rest of their flock. Only a video could do justice to the comedy value of a group waving, bahhing, heading off sheep and trying to behave like sheepdogs. However, on reflection, we went through the following team development process…

Team Building can Appeal to Everyone

Finding a team building event for a large department can be a challenge.  The Activists want to run about while the Reflectors would rather observe.  Pragmatists will ask ‘What’s the point of this?’ While Theorists might prefer to study and solve a complex puzzle.

team building activity

We reckon we’ve developed a format that can please all of the people all of the time.  We combine a variety of competitive team challenges to meet each participant’s preferred style, demonstrating that our differences can be the source of our success in a team….

Leading Academics say Tea Breaks make better Teams

There may be no ‘I’ in team but there is ‘tea’ and it turns out that tea (or coffee) could be the key to unlocking the potential of teams, with one US bank anticipating a staggering $15 million productivity increase as a result.

team coffee break

When teams take tea breaks they perform better according to MIT study

Back in 2004 the Oxford think tank Career Innovation published a paper entitled The Conversation Gap. The basis of their findings was that 4 out of every 10 high performers in several leading companies reported that they have an issue that they want to raise but feel unable to do so – the Conversation Gap of the title. Additionally the increase in electronic communication continues to rise. Average emails received and sent rose by over 30% from 2010 to 2011 despite spam dropping from 19% to 16% in the same period. One of the consequences of this increase is that those spontaneous conversations by the water cooler have reduced. Therefore employees feel less informed and there’s less likelihood that new ideas and opportunities will be discussed unless a formal meeting is convened.

Our Latest Workshop: 20 Ways to Build a Better Team

Fresh Tracks have been in the business of building better teams for over 19 years and in that time there are certain messages – about the range of skills that are required for a great team to succeed, and the importance of communication and trust – that are often repeated.

Make sure you work as a team

We are sure that constant communication will make it into the top 20 list somewhere

However we all know there is a huge amount of collective wisdom out there and that we could all learn a lot by listening to each other’s experiences of creating and working with great teams.

So after the success of our last workshop, Creating Captivating Conferences, the next Fresh Tracks workshop will be about building better teams with examples drawn from our own expertise as well as from participants’ own experiences. …

Teams that play together work together

What would you put at the top of a list of characteristics that make a good team? Perhaps; trust, flexibility, empathy, communication, shared responsibility or effectiveness?

Trust and communication are very important in team work
Trust and communication are very important in team work

What becomes clear if you look at these characteristics is that most of them are not the hard skills of industry or management expertise: most are attitudes rather than skills. Successful team players are defined by the way they relate to their colleagues, and the way in which they interact across a broad range of skills bases. In fact 80% of what makes a good team member is determined by these positive attitudes, and only 20% by the specific job skills they possess.

So why does industry spend around 80% of its training budget on developing often short-lived skills which need updating on a regular basis? …

Characteristics of Successful Teams

The success of any business collaboration effort depends on three factors: the people, the technology, and the process. For a collaborative project to be successful, these three factors need to work together easily.

A recent research study on collaboration, conducted by BNET and Harris Interactive, shows why some teams are more successful than others. Watch Stephen Howard-Sarin, Vice President of CNET’s business sites, on the video above as he shares the findings.

Please let us know what you think of this video by comments link below.

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