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Do Zoom Meetings Move You?

I’m not talking about physical movement although that is important in meetings.  I’m talking about feeling moved, emotionally.

Tears, passion even laughter can all be hallmarks of an effective meeting, much as they are in literature or drama.  In the same way that we find ourselves binge watching a thrilling box set, a well led meeting will attract attendees.  They will turn up early, well prepared and keen to engage.  Does this sound like your business meetings?

Is the Office Redundant?

As the New Year fireworks echoed off the once iconic – soon to be redeveloped – Shell Centre next to the London Eye, we considered what 2014 might bring and what changes can we expect.

With wifi available in cafes and other, more comfortable places across the country, are our offices becoming redundant?

Wearable technology in the form of Beanie hats with in built speakers and microphones are just a click away http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bluetooth-Beanie-Headset-Stereo-Speakers/dp/B00GX9IAJA. 3D printers in the home may soon produce utensils, household gadgets, and even fashion on demand. Driverless cars are already a reality. …

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