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The 7 Deadliest Sins of Leadership Communication

September 14, 2010

The 7 deadliest sins of leadership communication are the root of much of an organisation’s problems. Such as, low employee morale, low productivity, negative attitudes and a toxic work environment.

A boss shouting

We are not sure if this boss's aggressive tone or love of wearing cowboy hats is more damaging to staff morale.

Twenty years in professional baseball management taught me one thing about creating champions on the playing field – it’s that executing the simple “fundamentals” of the game make the biggest difference.

The teams and athletes that effectively execute the little things when the championship is on the line usually end up the winners. To create a champion organisation in business or the not-for-profit world it’s about leadership “communication.”

When one delves deeper to understand what is meant by this nebulous word, we learn that the communication challenges start at the top, with the organisation’s leadership. Employees model the behavior and communication styles of those above them or respond and adapt to their leaders’ communication to protect their positions.

In working with organisations of all sizes throughout the country I have identified the primary culprit to be these “7 Deadly Sins” of organisational leadership communication. These sins of leadership communication never fail to create distrust throughout an organisation.

This is a problem. Especially since one of a leader’s primary goals in developing a cohesive, motivated, high-morale team with a “can-do” attitude must be to increase trust in the environment. Fixing these seven deadly sins is a great starting point.

Below is the list of the 7 deadliest sins of organisational leadership communication:

– Sin #1: Lack of Specificity
– Sin #2: Lack of Focus on Desirable Behaviours
– Sin #3: Lack of Directness
– Sin #4: Lack of Immediacy
– Sin #5: Lack of Appropriate Tone
– Sin #6: Lack of Focused Attention
– Sin #7: Lack of Respectful Rebuttals

Do follow our blog because over the next few months we will upload new blogs that take a specific look at these issues individually.


This blog is writen by Skip Weisman.

Skip Weisman is President of Weisman Success Resources and author of the white paper “The 7 Deadliest Sins of Organisational Leadership Communication”. Visit his website at www.weismansuccessresources.com for more information or download the white paper at www.HowToImproveOrganizationalLeadershipCommunication.com.

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