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The Rules and Benefits of Mind Mapping

February 28, 2011

Mind maps work as they use the whole brain. They appeal to left brain thinkers who like structure while right brain thinkers love the creativity of a masterpiece appearing before their eyes.

Mind mapping maps

Mind maps come in all shapes and sizes and it is very much up to the individual how they look

Where do you start?

There are several people who will tell you they use mind maps or have tried them – however are they following the Buzan rules? Tony Buzan is the guru of mind mapping and made the logic meet the creativity.

The Rules

1. Always start in the middle with an image – the sun radiates heat and the brain needs to radiate its thinking and have a good starting point.
2. The first branch must begin at 1.00 o’clock.
3. Each branch must be a different colour.
4. Be sure to make the lines wavy – this reflects the neurological pathways in your brain.
5. Make sure the words follow the lines – any gaps and the brain will want to fill them.
6. From the main branch you may well create a sub branch still using the same colour.
7. A new main branch can begin following a clockwise direction.
8. Mind maps work if you personalise them – the more codes or images you add the more memorable they become.

What are the benefits?

You can attend a meeting and have one page of notes.
Planning the whole week on one page – not reams of to-do lists.
Statistically mind maps are more memorable – so great for retention of facts.
They are fun and enjoyable to create – trust a true veteran of mind mapping!!


This blog was written by guest writer Beverlie Wilkinson.

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