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The X Factor of teams

December 16, 2010

As we approach the year end it’s good to reflect on our achievements. It’s even more gratifying to reflect on the achievements of others, particularly those we’ve helped along the way.

Some time ago we were asked to create a team exercise for X Factor runners up JLS. As the video above shows their performance was outstanding and it’s no coincidence that a year later JLS are have become one of the most successful teams in their field.

Our normal candidates for our team building activities are work teams and during 2010 we’ve seen teams from industries including oil, wine and management consulting all raise their game having adopted some of the same principles that pop stars JLS exemplify:

  • They’ve kept a clear sense of purpose, whether that has meant being the most professional team in their sector or getting to the top of the charts.
  • They persevere and never let disappointment slow them down, JLS didn’t win the X Factor yet they’ve outperformed the competition in the long term.
  • They know their individual strengths and they capitalise on those qualities, all taking their turn in the limelight without one team member pushing ahead of their team mates.
  • They continue to innovate, in the knowledge that what’s popular today won’t be tomorrow.
  • They are dedicated to their customers (fans) never forgetting that their success is entirely dependent on their attitude to their supporters.

If you want to give your team the X Factor in 2011 take a look at our short guide to Teams, or email your name and address to us for your complimentary hard copy.

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