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This Isn’t What I Signed Up For

February 9, 2012

A friend recently retired early from a successful career as a risk manager in the City.

What career will you choose

We can adapt our priorities to fit our changed world or we can change our career to one that matches our values

He sent this farewell note to friends and contacts:

“After 37 years in the City I have decided to call it a day. I’ve enjoyed my career immensely, and in particular working together with so many of you. However I have to say that Risk is less fun when every remote event you have ever warned people about actually happens … repeatedly … all at the same time! I fear that banking is no longer the leisurely pursuit it was when I started out. My very best wishes to all of you who continue to labour. Live long and prosper!”

His words caused me to reflect on how quickly roles and industry sectors and even economies can change.

The once safe, secure and steady public sector is rapidly becoming as challenging a place to work as the cut-throat business world. And the once sought-after jobs managing well known brands with generous marketing budgets have become highly pressurised roles with time and resources being squeezed ever tighter by the all powerfull retail giants.

I’m sure the phrase “This isn’t what I signed up for” frequently flashes through the minds of many apparently successful executives.

Whilst our environments might change, we don’t have to. Like my friend who fell out of love with banking it’s okay to feel less than enthusiastic towards our chosen career, so long as we are prepared to do something about it.

There are two choices, either we can adapt our priorities to fit our changed world or we can change our career to one that matches our values. Niether are easy steps to take, but to do nothing will cause needless unhappiness.

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