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Tips for first time managers

September 15, 2022

Landing your first role where you have to manage another employee or a team can seem very daunting at first. You need to remember that you have been chosen for the role because you are capable, and also even the most senior managers in your company started off as a first-time manager at some point and probably felt the same anxieties. 

To help you navigate your first couple weeks and months as a new manager we have put together some tips to make it that little bit easier. 

Tips for becoming a good manager

  1. Set clear expectations 

As a first time manager, you might be worried about setting boundaries and expectations within your new team or workforce but this is imperative to your success. Setting expectations for each team member from the outset means that the team will know exactly what is expected of them and leaves no room for confusion. 

  1. Outcomes are more important than the input 

A good manager realises that as long as the desired results are being reached, it is less important how your team managed to reach the results. Every person has their own ways of approaching a task and if you try to control these methods you could be accused of micromanaging. 

  1. Actively listen 

Often an overlooked part of management, the ability to actively listen to your team members is one of the most important things you can do. Encouraging team members to approach you with problems, concerns and suggestions will help to build trust within your team. Encouraging this will help to build a collaborative working environment and support problem solving within your team. 

  1. Understand each team member

As previously mentioned, it is important to understand that all team members will approach tasks differently. This is also true when you think about motivations and frustrations, taking the time to understand how each of your team members works best is paramount for the success of the team and individuals within it. 

  1. Keep an open mind 

This is not only important as you begin your first management experience but it is important throughout your entire career. Nobody enjoys working for a manager who is stuck in their ways, as your career progresses, processes that you used at the beginning of your career may become outdated and reduce in effectiveness. It is important to keep an eye out and adapt when the time comes. 

Becoming a manager for the first time can seem scary and stressful but it is important to remember that everyone starts off somewhere. Keeping an open mind and being open to change and feedback will give you the best chances of success.

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