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Top 5 Team Building Activities

April 2, 2014

As team away days start to appear in 2014 diaries here’s a list of what’s likely to be adding some fun and bonding to this year’s off-site.


Take a look at our top 5 team activities and the benefits they could provide for your team…

5.  The Toy Factory makes a difference to less fortunate children as teams create handmade wooden toys.
Outcomes – values, pride, see the softer side of colleagues, explore manufacturing processes and find time to talk to one another.

4.  Film Making is a great way to get teams to examine, understand and support a new product, change initiative or simply unleash their creative spirit.
Outcomes – team working, time management, creativity and a film worth sharing.

3. Team Machine involves small teams building colourful mechanical devices that come together to create a giant interconnected structure that demonstrates how every piece of the puzzle matters.
Outcomes – collaboration, support, consensus and the message that no matter how big and complex the team it’s essential to share one goal.

2. Treasure Hunts require teams to call upon all of their varied strengths to solve clues, take pictures and negotiate for souvenirs whilst navigating their way around a complex route without incurring time penalties.
Outcomes – determination, teamwork, mixer, competition and high energy.

1. Chocolate Challenge stimulates all five senses and takes teams through the process of developing a brand, production and marketing as they compete to create the most original and commercially viable box of chocolates.
Outcomes – leaderless team working, creativity, commercial planning, presenting and matching strengths to roles.

For more information on any of our team activities, please get in touch.

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