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Trust Unwrapped – A story of Ethics, Integrity and Chocolate

February 18, 2014

Back in a time when the public trusted banks and utility bills made sense, a diminutive Greek immigrant took a daring approach to establishing his restaurant in North London.

Read 'Trust Unwrapped, a story of Ethics, Integrity and Chocolate' by Dan Collins and

Read ‘Trust Unwrapped, a story of Ethics, Integrity and Chocolate’ by Dan Collins and David Thompson


In stark contrast to the surprise service charges and inflated wine prices common in the industry, this restaurant successfully operated a ‘Pay what you think it’s worth’ policy for over 20 years.  It’s example set us thinking that maybe there’s a commercial advantage to trust.

Along the way we have discovered three truths:

  • With trust there’s less need for paper trails.
  • People prefer to work for organisations with values they share.
  • Customers will pay a premium to organisations that they trust and in the case of the Greek restaurateur, organisations that trust them.

If you want to know more we’d be delighted to send you a copy of the book we had a hand in creating: Trust Unwrapped, a story of Ethics, Integrity and Chocolate and of course it will come with instructions of how you can pay what you feel it’s worth, just click here to send us your address (UK ONLY).

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