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What actually is a team?

July 30, 2021

In the 21st century we might find ourselves in multiple teams spread across different countries, from diverse backgrounds and alongside people with distinct areas of expertise.Tug of war

This group is definitely not working towards a common goal!

These groups might be organised or informal, led or self governing, labelled as teams, work groups, families or bearing no name. The factor that makes a team is not its name or its membership. The one thing that turns a group of individuals into a true team is their common sense of purpose.

Whether they are hockey players trying score more points than the opposing side or a business looking to improve profitability, these collections of people only become a true team from the moment they agree on the same desired outcome.

“A group of people working towards a shared goal”

So, if you and your colleagues don’t share the same purpose, you are not a team. Yet…

This blog is an extract from the book:  ‘Teams – A short guide‘ (click link for a free preview of the book)

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