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When does change stop?

November 14, 2008

It’s been a week of changes – the historic US election and the Bank of England slashing interest rates by 1.5%

Barack Obama talking about change

Barack Obama talking about change

Some say the slow-down is slowing down and that, following a wave of structural changes across most organisations, it’s now time to think about marking the end of change and the beginning of a fresh start. All too often managers fail to acknowledge the end of change. Consequently the low morale that inevitably accompanies periods of uncertainty continues, eroding productivity day after day.

So how can we mark these new beginnings? It’s unlikely that a team email, no matter how well written, will do the trick. A heartfelt spoken statement is far more likely to penetrate, especially when accompanied by a memorable activity. This creates an opportunity to ensure there is clarity of purpose and a strong sense of team spirit.

At Fresh Tracks we know a thing or two about engendering a sense of ‘team’ and as our name suggests we are great believers in getting organisations back on track. In our experience subtle details such as the timing and location are critical. As is a sense of fun – if people don’t enjoy one another’s company they are unlikely to enjoy their work. If you are to successfully mark the end of uncertainty and the beginning of a more positive future it’s essential to create a memory that can be referred back to for example, the team meeting held in a castle or the away day involving an explosive finale.

That change is constant is no excuse.

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