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Christmas Team Building Activities

In the days of email and video conferencing, Christmas can be the only time of the year when everyone actually gets together, making it an ideal time for seasonal team building activities. Make your corporate Christmas party more productive by building in some festive team building activities. Given the options available, this need not be at the expense of any fun.

In fact, rather like après ski, the Christmas party is frequently better after some intense activity – it gives the partygoers something to talk about and bond over. So if you’re looking for something a bit different from the usual corporate soiree, why not try one of our creative team programmes for your next Christmas party. Call us now on 01920 822 220 or fill in our online form by clicking here.

Or see a list of suggested Christmas team building activities below:

The Chocolate Challenge™

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The Chocolate Challenge simulates business processes in a highly creative environment, requiring co-operation, teamwork and strategic thinking.


Market Mayhem

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In this activity a number of teams scour London’s markets, buying and selling – equipped with a £100 budget, a shopping list and a case containing a series of apparently random items. The team that come back with the biggest profit wins!


Lights, Camera, Action!

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Teams work collaboratively to produce a short film about their organisation or product. Time management and division of tasks are essential to create a great result.


The Toy Factory

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The Toy factory is a practical and hands-on activity with a heart. The team must form a real production line cutting, sanding, gluing, painting and assembling wooden toys.


Breaking Bread

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For thousands of years, the head of the table has broken bread to signal the commencement of a meal. Celebration, or feasting, is an important practice for high performing …


The Domino Effect

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The Domino Effect simulates teams working together in a high-pressure environment. Competing groups need to strike a balance between competitive flair and risk management.