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Innocent DVD

Innocent drinks was started by three friends, including Richard Reed, co-founder and star of TV show Be Your Own Boss, with just £500 worth of fruit. Within 7 years it was a £100m business in one of the most competitive sectors in the consumer goods market.

Success hasn’t come from clever pricing, a stress filled working environment or extravagant advertising campaigns. It’s come from an unconventional approach to work and business that brings out the very best in people.

Innocent Success is an inspirational and thought-provoking film that highlights the factors behind innocent’s achievements. It will challenge teams to review the way they operate and help them to compare and contrast their own approaches to those adopted by innocent.
This is a chance to go behind-the-scenes of this award-winning workplace and multi-million pound business, and learn some of their secrets to get the very best out of people.

  • Finding the right ingredients with effective recruitment and induction
  • Nurturing and growing talent with leadership that trusts and empowers
  • Making sure the blend is perfect with effective communication.

Watch a preview version of Innocent Success

Buy Innocent Success

It costs £699 + VAT to buy the ‘Innocent Success’ training DVD including the trainer’s guide. Call us now on 01920 822 220 or click here to register your interest.

The innocent success film includes:

  • Training film (15 minutes)
  • Facilitator’s Guide featuring icebreakers, energisers and exercises.
  • PowerPoint presentation for use in workshops.

For more information about innocent success call us on 01920 822 220 or fill in this form.

Preview the facilitator’s guide

Included with the training film is a comprehensive facilitator’s guide including suggested 90 minute and half day workshops. To preview the guide do look through the pages below: