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Sleep Coaching

inspirational-workplace Over 25 years ago we started helping employers improve their performance. Quarter of a century ago organisations needed to change the way they managed people, giving them freedom to think creatively, work collaboratively and create cultures with sense of fun.

Now dictatorial leaders are vanishing and uninspiring offices are being replaced by colourful and inspiring workplaces.

overwhelmed-woman Also, during the same period, we’ve adopted portable devices enabling us to communicate 24 hours a day to anywhere in the world. Consequently, very few of us work 9 to 5 in one place anymore. We take our work via our devices into our cars, our homes and even our beds!

This ‘always on’ culture has started to erode the efficiencies it is intended to create. Rather than being more efficient and getting our work done faster, 80% of the working population complain that they are tired, overwhelmed and not sleeping well.

athlete Athletes started taking sleep seriously around 10 years ago. They know that a good night’s recovery is essential to benefit from a day of rigorous training and to prepare for an upcoming competition.

There are many myths surrounding sleep, here are some challenging truths:

  • We don’t need less sleep as we get older
  • All-nighters do lead to memory loss
  • Deep sleep is essential for maintaining a balanced emotional state
  • Mental illness always has a link to sleep disruption

If you are serious about the performance of your team, it is time to help them get the sleep they need.

Tailored Sleep Coaching

Our Sleep Coaching service provides tailored, one on one guidance to help individuals to sleep well.

At just £40 + VAT per session it is both affordable and easy to access using the online booking system.

Or to find out more about Sleep do visit: www.sleepnews.info.