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Don’t Listen to Economists – Learn from Pilots

If the foggy weather and endless reports of economic Armageddon are getting you down, you are not alone. But snap out of it! Negativity is bad for business, our health and our relationships.

Choose Your Attitude

Being in business at present can be a bit like flying in fog but one thing is certain if we don’t keep an eye on our attitude we, like the disorientated pilot, will crash into the ground.

Whilst bad news might sell newspapers a negative attitude is sure to cost your business. For many our attitude is like a virus we pick up from those around us. Both good and bad attitudes are infectious and in the same way that a moody colleague will lower morale an upbeat team mate with a ‘can do’ approach will encourage your team to brighten up and tackle the task ahead….

Team Psychometrics What Are They?

Despite the scary sounding name, users of psychometrics often report that they enjoy the process and feel encouraged by the output.

Psychometrics can seem daunting

Psychometrics are not the daunting prospect many think they are. Facilitated properly they can be quite the opposite

In simple terms a psychometric is a questionnaire that helps the user better understand themselves. In a team this is an excellent way to identify colleagues’ strengths and preferences. For instance a questionnaire might say that Sue is creative and sociable who works best when given regular feedback by her manager whilst Dave is disciplined and analytical, preferring to be set a task and left alone to get on until he’s completed the work….

Volunteam – team building from a different angle

Its not a real word I know but the principle of a ‘volunteam’ is an interesting one.

What can we learn from Moroccan builders?

What can we learn from Moroccan builders?

I’ve been visiting a relief project in Morocco that is building new homes for widows and the very poor following the earthquake in 2004.  Incredibly over 5 years after 12,000 homes were destroyed an enormous number of people are still trying to survive without a home in the hills around Al Hoceima….

Honours for Attitude

The recent news item about  a roadsweeper who is to be awarded an honorary Master of Arts degree by the University of Cambridge for his contribution to the city and the university is a great feel-good story. It also shows the value of a positive attitude towards your work and your environment. 

Making a positive contribution

Making a positive contribution

Allan Brigham has been clearing the Cambridge streets of litter for over 30 years; he also works as a tour guide and local historian. When interviewed by the BBC about his honorary degree, he spoke with commitment about how – through his roles as cleaner, guide and historian –  he felt he could make a positive contribution to the city and its colleges. 

Although intended to be temporary, his job as a roadsweeper has given him the opportunity to get involved and contribute to the city.  His positive attitude and focus on the results of his day-to-day work have won him praise not only from the university authorities, but also from local families and businesses who see him as someone who helps to promote their city to millions of visitors each year.

To view the article including a video interview with Allan click here.


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