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Feedback Fatigue – Is Just One Question Best?

Requests for feedback into my inbox have risen considerably recently. Invariably an email or a text will request my opinion for a product, service or even just a single phone call! This is frustrating and ironically can turn me off the organisation concerned.

That said, I firmly believe that feedback can drive up performance. Sites like Trustpilot, Tripadvisor and Google’s reviews should be enabling the consumer to have a voice, louder than the advertising and the cut-price offers that certain unscrupulous airlines, hoteliers and retailers have relied upon to attract naïve customers. We also know that asking just one question is more effective than asking several. That question being:

Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Also known as the net promoter score, this single question invariably provokes more people to respond and generates more honest and therefore accurate data. Why then do organisations persist asking multiple questions regarding insignificant interactions such as a single telephone call?

Employers are no different, every year we expect our people to complete a detailed employee engagement survey, ignoring the fact that results will be skewed by:

– Fear that negative feedback will be career limiting

– Only engaged staff will complete the survey, disengaged staff disengage from the process

– Disbelief that the process in anonymous

– Frustration that previous years surveys have had little impact

Wouldn’t it be better to ask just one question? Like the net promoter score for consumers, a single question that clearly indicates whether people are engaged. But what is that question?

Some mimic the net promoter score by asking:

‘Would you recommend working here to a friend?’

This works well until the role or the organisation is specialist. In which case, unless your family and friends are also biomedical scientists or property tax accountants then the question has limited impact.

We could ask:

‘Do you feel valued by the organisation?’


‘Do you feel good about the work you do?’


‘Are you proud to work here?’


‘Do you often consider working elsewhere?’

All good questions but do any of them really get to the truth? I’m not sure they do. Engagement is fluid, variable and hard if not impossible to measure by a questionnaire. Maybe we shouldn’t rely quite so much on feedback tools and instead, engage with people one to one, have a conversation, ask whatever question seems appropriate and demonstrate that we care enough to give our time.

Questions You Should be Asking Your Team

questions for your teamAs managers we have a huge influence over our team members’ wellbeing, mood and therefore performance. Whilst it is critical to set goals, coach, praise and correct where necessary, it is also vital to take an interest in the individual. Either during formal one on ones or whenever an opportunity for a private conversation occurs. Simply asking a question about how things are going (Present State), along with an enquiry into ambitions (Future Progress) demonstrates that you are on your team member’s side and want them to be the best they can be.

5 Ways to Predict When Talent Will Quit

As the work place becomes more collaborative, the cost of losing a good employee can be multiplied as teammates move with them.
It is more important than ever before to retain key staff. Some companies use sophisticated covert surveillance to assess whether their staff are spending more time than they should on LinkedIn or job sites.
Alternatively, here are some less big brotherish approaches every manager should be aware of:

5 Unusual Employee Perks

It’s increasingly important to give staff more than just a pay cheque, not every business can afford health cover so here are some unique employee perks that needn’t break the bank.

Fresh Tracks Office
1. Stand up desks
The revolution to get employees off their backsides and upright is well underway and those who have made a stand say there is no going back.

4 Reasons Most Meetings Fail

Ever been to a meeting and not really known what it has achieved – or have you ever been to a meeting to talk about going to another meeting? These incidents are common and so what is it that makes a meeting a ‘fail’?

Team meeting dos and donts

Grumbling about meetings for the sake of meetings is something of an art-form in business. Meetings are necessary though. As any manager will know – without a meeting all hell can break loose with miscommunications, undefined goals and missed deadlines. So why is it that so many meetings are seen as a complete waste of time by those who begrudgingly attend them?

Why 80% of Managers are in the Wrong Job

For many ambitious employees the addition of the word manager to their job title is a proud moment.  It conveys success, status and power.  And rightly so. Line managers have more influence on employee productivity, engagement and retention than pay, work place conditions and even senior mangement.

Over 80% of managers are unsuiteable

Over 80% of managers are unsuitable

It’s therefore very concerning to discover that according to Gallup, 82% of those bearing the title aren’t up to the job!


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