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Fallen Leaders

This week much has been written examining the strengths and weaknesses of Margaret Thatcher’s leadership.  Prior to the announcement of her death, another group of once great leaders was being described as reckless.

Margaret Thatcher, 1925 - 2013.

One of those was the chairman of HBOS Lord Stevenson.  In the months prior to the banking crisis, when he was held in high regard, he gave a lecture on the subject of leadership to invited members of his business school’s alumni. 

Scientific evidence shows that women are hard-wired to make better managers

In the early 1990’s neuroscientists at the University of Parma discovered that brain cells not only fire when we perform a given action, such as reaching for a cold drink on a hot day, they also fire when we see someone else doing that action – hence the name mirror neuron (click here for a link to the research). This is why we sometimes wince when we see another person experience pain or embarrassment. 

The men vs. women debate continues...

This theory has been used to explain characteristics such as empathy, the ability to read other people’s emotions, with some research* suggesting that the female brain is better able to create mirror neurons and therefore better equipped to anticipate the moods and feelings of others. The men vs women debate continues……..

Learning from Journalists – 15 ways to ask better questions

Journalists are among the least trusted of all professions, yet there’s still a thing or two they can teach managers.


Follow our 15 tips from journalists on asking questions and becoming a better manager

To manage effectively we need to have good insight. A primary source for insight is those around us, not just our own team but our peers, customers and those that lead us. …

Leading Gold Medal Teams

As London greets the world’s best teams there’s a great deal that leaders of workplace teams can learn from their example.

Paul Deighton

As CEO of LOCOG Paul Deighton has said that one of his main tasks has been to "maintain everybody's focus, morale, energy and belief". Do all CEOs do this?

Here are three of the things leaders of workplace teams could learn:…

Are the Best Bosses Bores?

According to the numerous leadership books and management journals, the essence of being a boss is serious stuff. Add to this the need for discipline, diligence and determination and you’re in danger of being left with a pretty dull personality.

Are you a boring boss?

Is this the type of gift you would give to your staff?

It seems to me that in many (not quite all) cases, the higher up the corporate food chain a manager rises the more dull they become, especially in social settings. Until that is, you ask them about their work. …


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