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Five Top Tips to Take your Team into 2012

It’s not much fun waking up early and joining the crowds to return to work on a cold January morning.

It takes more than chocolate to motivate a team – but it’s a start

So here are five ideas to welcome and motivate your team at the start of the New Year:

  1. Restate the vision: the best teams share the same goals and values, so be sure your team knows where they are headed and why.
  2. Shout about the good news: don’t let the January blues get to your team, publicise all the good stuff that’s happening in your organisation, sector and city.
  3. Celebrate what’s good about 2012: the Olympics in London, Spring getting closer, new products in the pipeline.
  4. Innovate together: after a break our minds are fresher and the ideas will flow. Create some time to be imaginative as a team before the routine takes over.
  5. Book a team away day in the diary: now that the Christmas party is a fading memory set the date for your next team event.
Any other suggestions?  If so do add them to the comments box below.

Resolve not to Regret – 5 Reasons to seize the day

As we consider what resolutions we will make in 2012 it is sobering to reflect on the regrets of those that have gone before us.

What will your new year's resolution be?

What will your new year's resolution be?

Bronnie Ware was a palliative nurse who cared for many people in the final weeks of their life. Over time, she compiled a list of their most commonly held regrets. Interestingly in each case people don’t regret things they have done but in fact regret things they have not done.

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

So as opportunities arise in 2012 let’s not be put off by the consequence of our actions but instead seize each day.

Are the Best Bosses Bores?

According to the numerous leadership books and management journals, the essence of being a boss is serious stuff. Add to this the need for discipline, diligence and determination and you’re in danger of being left with a pretty dull personality.

Are you a boring boss?

Is this the type of gift you would give to your staff?

It seems to me that in many (not quite all) cases, the higher up the corporate food chain a manager rises the more dull they become, especially in social settings. Until that is, you ask them about their work. …

Team Briefings – Boring or Brilliant

On 21st October Fresh Tracks hosted a seminar entitled “How to Deliver Tremendous Team Events”. In preparing the programme we’ve talked to several team leaders and one of the greatest areas of concern currently is that regular Team Briefings are lacking and ineffective. This is particularly the case in organisations undergoing change.

Any Given Sunday clip

A good team briefing can make all the difference

In pondering how to add value to Team Briefings in the workplace I couldn’t help but wonder how Martin Johnson approaches the half time team talk he gives the England Team playing in the Rugby World Cup. These short pep-talks can make all the difference as brilliantly illustrated by Al Pacino’s character in the American Football movie: Any Given Sunday (YouTube clip).

Sometimes a pep-talk isn’t appropriate – perhaps an open discussion is a better way for the team to air their feelings; or an energising activity can be used to illustrate an important team behaviour.

Whatever the approach, it’s important that these opportunities for teams to come together aren’t wasted. In a world where most of our conversations happen via a screen we really need to make the most of face to face meetings.

This workshop has now happened so if you are interested in finding out how to deliver tremendous team events do call us on: 01920 822 220.

It’s national Play Day on 3rd August and yes this affects your workplace!

Wednesday 3rd August is National Play Day, inspired in part by the fact that over 80% of adults feel that children should be encouraged to play more outdoors because it builds community spirit. Yet we live in a society where just 20% of children play outside their homes, whereas 30 years ago that figure was 70%.

“If you want your people to be more creative, give them more time to play” John Cleese

Play isn’t just diminishing in the lives of children. As workplaces become busier and leaner there is less time for informal conversations and light hearted activity. This drive for efficiency might not be quite as good for business as you’d think. Comedian, psychologist and successful businessman in his own right John Cleese said “If you want your people to be more creative, give them more time to play.”…

Five tips for giving better feedback

Employee engagement is undoubtedly one of the key management phrases of the moment. So it should be, with Hay Group research reporting that just 15% of the workforce is ‘highly motivated’.

The vicious and virtuous cycles of feedback

Aim for the Virtuous Circle rather than the Vicious Circle, this can positively impact productivity & profitability.

Blessing White’s 2011 Employee Engagement Report surveyed over 10,000 employees and found that 18% wanted greater clarity about their role whilst 14% wanted regular and specific feedback on performance. Both results suggest that if managers were to give regular face to face feedback morale would rise.

Gallup has found that engaged workgroups show stronger productivity and profitability, while safety incidents and absenteeism are reduced. They have calculated that these engaged organisations can achieve 3.9 times the earnings per share (EPS) growth rate compared with organisations with lower engagement in the same industry….

Two things that are very likely to lead to a spike in staff turnover

The latest CIPD Employee Outlook Survey reports two significant findings that, if not addressed, are very likely to lead to a spike in staff turnover:

Simple acts such as team building are vital as they demonstrate the employer's commitment to its staff

Simple acts such as team building whether that be after work in the pub, or off site with specialist facilitators are vital as they demonstrate the employer's commitment to its staff

1. In the private sector 1 in 5 employees fear that they will loose their jobs (in the public sector it’s as high as1 in 3). Given that 29 million people are currently in employment, this means that many millions of employees are insecure in their jobs and subject to de-motivation and distraction….

3 Things that will get your team off to a strong start in 2011

In 2011, as financial restrictions begin to bite, it is going to be vital for organisations to optimise their resources. And surely any organisation’s most valuable resource is its staff.

Motivated team

Make sure you get your team off to a strong start in 2011

In these leaner times it is going to be increasingly important to draw a distinction between financial capital and human capital. Whilst there’s little doubt that finances are restricted, now is not the time to constrain your people. In fact this climate of change offers the perfect opportunity to unleash new talent within your organisation, encourage innovation and allow the next generation of leaders to identify themselves….


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