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Questions You Should be Asking Your Team

questions for your teamAs managers we have a huge influence over our team members’ wellbeing, mood and therefore performance. Whilst it is critical to set goals, coach, praise and correct where necessary, it is also vital to take an interest in the individual. Either during formal one on ones or whenever an opportunity for a private conversation occurs. Simply asking a question about how things are going (Present State), along with an enquiry into ambitions (Future Progress) demonstrates that you are on your team member’s side and want them to be the best they can be.

What Makes Them Tick?

Psychologists now agree that our personalities are hard wired by the time we are just four years old!
Strength Deployment Inventory
This may sound ridiculous but if we compare two young siblings, with the same parents and a very similar upbringing, the chances are that they will have quite different personalities. One may be outgoing and gregarious while the other is reserved and prefers to read a good book. One might be cautious while the other embraces risk. One might be competitive while the other prefers to collaborate. Despite coming from the same home, siblings rarely share the same core motivations.


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