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Ewe and I make a great team…

A run through the countryside demonstrated how a group can quickly become a team when faced with an unexpected challenge.

Ewe and I Team Building

Two ewes and four lambs were out of their field and roaming the woods on a local running route, so we responsibly set about coaxing them back through the gate to the rest of their flock. Only a video could do justice to the comedy value of a group waving, bahhing, heading off sheep and trying to behave like sheepdogs. However, on reflection, we went through the following team development process…

Team Building can Appeal to Everyone

Finding a team building event for a large department can be a challenge.  The Activists want to run about while the Reflectors would rather observe.  Pragmatists will ask ‘What’s the point of this?’ While Theorists might prefer to study and solve a complex puzzle.

team building activity

We reckon we’ve developed a format that can please all of the people all of the time.  We combine a variety of competitive team challenges to meet each participant’s preferred style, demonstrating that our differences can be the source of our success in a team….

Why 80% of Managers are in the Wrong Job

For many ambitious employees the addition of the word manager to their job title is a proud moment.  It conveys success, status and power.  And rightly so. Line managers have more influence on employee productivity, engagement and retention than pay, work place conditions and even senior mangement.

Over 80% of managers are unsuiteable

Over 80% of managers are unsuitable

It’s therefore very concerning to discover that according to Gallup, 82% of those bearing the title aren’t up to the job!

Richard Branson says “Have fun and look after your team”, We couldn’t agree more…

Recently, Richard Branson’s top tips for success have gone viral. Here at Fresh Tracks, we’re thrilled that he’s identified the importance of having fun with his team, something we agree with wholeheartedly.


Have you read Richard Branson’s top tips for success?

If you would like to follow his lead then get in contact to see how we can help develop your team and have fun in the process.

5 Tips To Get New Teams Performing

Remember Bruce Tuckman’s wise words about new teams are as true now as they were 50 years ago: A new team will go through 4 stages of development Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing.


Having a high performing team does require all members to function as a unit but using this extreme a method to make this point is not necessary!

If you find yourself leading a new team here are 5 ways to get your gang performing from the outset:…

Learning or Playing

Knowledge is a serious business, dominated by cerebral academics whereas the world of play can conjure up images of children, clowns and, for a few unfortunate souls born in the seventies, Timmy Mallett.

Reviewing play, against competencies

Reviewing play, against competencies

It’s a courageous leader that suggests that their team spend a day away from work, ‘playing’.  Increasingly research suggests that play is not in fact the antithesis of learning – it could be the most effective way to develop people and improve behaviours.

Here are five reasons why:…


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