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Belbin Team Roles Workshop

We run facilitated Belbin Team Roles workshops. To begin with, a Belbin self-perception questionnaire – carried out online before the session – generates a ‘fingerprint’ of an individual’s preference for each of the nine Team Roles.

During the session, a review of the findings of the Belbin Team Roles self-perception questionnaire allows the team to benefit from self-knowledge and adjust their teamwork according to current demands. The session can be combined with many of our other team building activities such as team tasks or the Chocolate Challenge.

Many people have three or four natural roles which they use appropriately depending on the situation. Very few people display characteristics of just one team role. Belbin Team Roles describe a pattern of behaviour rather than fixed preferences or behaviours. Ideally participants should re-complete a Belbin’s team roles questionnaire regularly as they progress through their career.

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