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Colorvote Online Staff Survey

Colorvote is a revolutionary new survey tool. It is simple to use and provides instant, easy-to-interpret feedback.

Colorvote is a tailor-made online survey in which opinions are canvassed on key issues. It can be used as an employee engagement survey, a customer satisfaction survey or as a leadership performance survey. Results are displayed as colour-coded matrices, which clearly highlight consensus and disagreement. Further investigation can then be directed away from areas where there is already consensus and towards areas where opinions are divided. Results can be re-tabulated by issue, by level of agreement, or by individual contribution.

The Colorvote survey is carried out online with an unlimited number of participants. Being internet-based, Colorvote is internationally accessible and not constrained by time zones, language or the number of participants. Unlike paper surveys it is quick, easy to use and fully accountable so that at any time you can identify who has yet to enter their response. This means that a Colorvote survey can be used repeatedly – ideal if you want to monitor the impact of a new initiative or run it as a customer satisfaction survey.

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