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Free Team Health Check

Our online Team Health Check is a fast and free tool designed to create objective discussion within your team about team morale, your strengths and weaknesses and areas for improvement.

All members of your team will need to take 5 minutes completing our online survey specifically designed to:

  • Assess your current team morale
  • Highlight any issues that team members have not previously mentioned
  • Identify priorities for moving forwards
  • Allow you to measure progress. Take a team survey every month and discuss the results with our team

Why is a Team Health Check so important?

It’s a simple fact that the more engaged team members are the more productive they will be. People usually want to do their best and achieve success for their team, their company and themselves. When teams underperform the impact on staff morale and results is very detrimental. If there are areas for improvement in your team it will be the team members themselves who can identify the problems – though they often don’t know where to start. Using this quick and simple tool will trigger open, positive conversations to get to the bottom of any issues and commit to a way forward.

The Team Health Check Model

Based on our extensive experience working with and developing teams we have identified 10 key questions to measure team morale: a shared direction, trust, accountability, commitment, productivity and communication.

After each of your team members has submitted their survey answers we will compile a report highlighting your key strengths and areas for improvement that all team members can commit to.

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