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Trust Unwrapped Book

Half story, half reference book, Trust Unwrapped Trust Unwrapped Bookcan be read in one sitting cover to cover or referred to over and over again.

Throughout, we tell the fictional story of Laura, a talented graduate whose sparkling career spirals when she compromises her principles. Alongside the story are real examples of organisations that have thrived or failed as a result of their willingness or reluctance to build trust.

Some reviews on the Trust Unwrapped Book from Amazon.co.uk

“A fantastic read – Read the story through in one evening – couldn’t put the book down! Some great quotes- love the quirky layout – have already recommended this to my undergraduate students.”

“This is quite a unique book, which combines a story told over a number of chapters with useful resources, tools and case studies that relate to the key concepts in the book. It’s easy to read in the first instance and it is a resource the reader can come back to again and again when faced with a particular issue or challenge.”

“Very easy and light read but very inspirational. Makes one ponder on experiences, challenges and success especially the key contributions to each.”

“This book really illuminates the importance of trust and values as an increasingly busy and transactional based world.”

“Is written in an exciting and engaging manner – worth a read.”


You can buy the Trust Unwrapped Book from Amazon here, RRP £12.99.