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Black Cab Challenge

Starting anywhere in London teams set off in their chauffeured Black Cab armed with a set of instructions, and cryptic clues to solve.

This event can be run for groups of 6 to 160 and working against the clock. The Cabs race around London as team members play to their strengths, solving challenges, gathering information, capturing photographs, purchasing souvenirs and working together to win the most points. The routes can be themed to include historic sites, places on a Monopoly board, Sherlock Holmes or Musical London.

Black Cab Challenge Team Building Activities

Our Black Cab Treasure Hunt varies depending on the group size and theme.  To give you an idea of what is included, please see the list below:

  • Problem solving
  • Photographic challenges including the whole team in defined poses and locations
  • Match pictures to places
  • Hunt for and collect specific souvenirs
  • Spot a celebrity
  • Solve bonus puzzles and conundrums

Sample Format

This event can be run all year round and at pretty much any time of day. Please see below a sample format of how your black cab treasure hunt could run.

14.00 – Briefing
Event manager briefs teams and hands out briefing packs, cameras or iPads as appropriate.

14.15 – The Challenge Starts
Teams race to their nearby cab, work out their route and set off to their first clue location.

16.30 – The Challenge Finishes
Deadline to reach the finish location, normally a bar, where the event manager greets each team and scores their efforts.

16.45 – Close
Winners celebrate other commiserate, the party begins….