Team Development

Teams grow best ...

Team Development

... when they invest time away from the workplace

Team Development

Having fun

Team Development

Setting goals

Team Development

Discovering strengths

Team Development

We combine proven psychology with experiential learning

Team Development

To accelerate teams' performance

Team Development

team developmentAll teams are different, containing individuals with varying skill sets and personalities.

Healthy teams:

  • Have a shared sense of purpose
  • Willingly give and receive feedback
  • Understand one another’s roles and strengths
  • Trust one another
  • Are led by confident leadersteam development

We work with teams to:

  • Integrate new team members
  • Celebrate success
  • Improve communication
  • Manage change
  • Motivate and improve attitudes

High performing teams can’t be created simply by bringing together a group of highly talented individuals. Great teams come about by sharing experiences, having meaningful conversations and agreeing their common goals. This process of development will occur when leaders invest time monitoring, managing and motivating their team.

team developmentThere are a number of ways we can help your team reach the next level:

5 Minute Engagement Survey
– Just 12 simple statements, commented on anonymously by every team member, will elicit a wealth of insight about the team’s morale and effectiveness. Our straightforward, colour based reporting graphic enables the team leader to immediately address the most urgent issues.

A Short Guide to Teams – This concise book can be read in minutes yet sums up the essential factors a team leader should understand. (Click here to read the book)

Why Teams Work – A 10 minute narrated video slide show, discussing the do’s and don’ts of team working.
(Click here to watch the video)

team developmentTeam facilitation – Guided discussions and exercises that enable the team to identify their
strengths and develop greater trust, co-operation and the energy to achieve their strategy.

“You enabled us to take a step back and look at what we had already achieved but also at how we can move forward both as a team, and as individuals. Each of my colleagues came away with something positive and a better understanding of each other – and it’s brought us closer together as a team.”
- UK Housing Organisation

Leadership Development – Good leadership, like playing a musical instrument takes practice.
team developmentOur leadership development programmes combine well researched theory with practical exercises
and candid reviews. We explore subjects such as strategic thinking, personal effectiveness,
coaching conversations and driving transformation.

A unique and memorable experience. The challenge was enormous fun and really pulled us together. The coaching exercise was profoundly moving and significantly sharpened our leadership skills.”
- Global Pharma Company

team developmentCoaching – There are occasions when individuals require a development programme tailored to their requirements. We have a network of coaches skilled at helping individuals grow in confidence and ability, enabling their teams to thrive.

We’ve been helping teams from large and small organisations since 1991 and if you’d like to discuss an issue or opportunity your team is facing, we’d be delighted to talk to you.

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