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5 Ways Play will Boost your Business

February 7, 2014

Dangerous pranks, hurtful banter and the risk of distraction, are probably the reasons so many managers clamp down on fun at work. In doing so they are missing out on a number of opportunities to save money, harness talent and make new discoveries.

Read on for our top 5 ways in which play can boost your business…

1. Play isn’t just for kids, adults play musical instruments, chess and sport. Play is a time where we can indulge ourselves in an activity we enjoy, this restores us, energises us and combats stress.

2. Experiences create stronger memories than simply reading or listening. As we take part in an activity we use all five senses, effectively using more of our hard drive, any lessons learned are therefore more likely to be retained and applied in the future.

3. It’s okay to fail during play. In fact through failure we are better able to understand what’s required to succeed.

4. Allowing people to have fun encourages creativity, as ideas are shared they develop, new opportunities come to light and problems are solved.

5. Human beings are social creatures, we need to interact with one another, face to face. This feeling of membership generates commitment and loyalty. When we get to know one another better we create space for trust.

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