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The Toy Factory

Play is at the heart of our business and for the young it’s a gateway to learning.

Children learn as they play.
Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.
O. Fred Donaldson

We developed the Toy Factory to build teams and give something back in the process. Teams are tasked with creating a handmade wooden toy. Which, if finished to a high standard can be donated to a needy child through one of our partner charities.

Key Points

  • Encourages small teams to produce something exceptional
  • Is a practical way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility
  • Suits groups from 6 to 600
  • No specialist woodworking skills required
  • Less than an hour required to set up in a conventional meeting room
  • Creates a climate for significant conversations amongst participants


The Toy Factory allows participants to select a role that appeals to their natural talents, whether that be practical, artistic or creative.

  • Cutting out and sanding components
  • Gluing and painting components
  • Final assembly
  • Organising resources to meet production needs
  • Team decision making
  • Design and painting the finished toy

Partner Charities

Shelter, Rainbow Trust, SOS Childrens’ Homes

Sample Format

This event can be run at any time of day, all year round. We simply require a cabaret layout meeting room and some time to cover the tables in dust sheets. The activity can fit inside a 2 hour time slot but 3 hours is optimal.

14.00 – Introduction
Introduction and presentation on the value of play, with video from a benefitting charity if appropriate.

14.15 – Toy Kit Selection
Teams select their toy kit, cut out and sand components.

14.45 – Sub-Assembly
Sanded components are glued to make sub-assemblies.

15.15 – Undercoat and Sanding
Sub-assemblies are undercoated, then lightly sanded when dry.

15.45 – Finish Painting
Top coat is applied and varnished.

16.15 – Final Assembly
Final assembly of toys.

16.30 – Presentation
Toys are presented to charity representative.

Lights, Camera, Action!

A lively challenge that requires the team to think and work creatively within a short period of time, before presenting their results for all to see.

Teams can produce a short film either about their organisation or as an advert for a new product or for an entirely fictional device or brand.

Key Points

  • Demonstrates the creative power of teams
  • A highly effective way to help teams embrace change
  • The finished films can be used after the event
  • Suits groups from 6 to 600
  • Can work in any location, worldwide
  • Highlights individuals’ talents

Light, Camera, Action! Team Building Activities

This film-making team building activity enables participants to play to their strengths; in front of or behind the camera, editing or script writing.

  • Creative thinking
  • Considering how to convey a message
  • Sourcing locations and props
  • Script writing
  • Planning the shoot using storyboards
  • Filming and editing
  • Acting and performing
  • Managing, time, talent and resources

Sample Format

This event can be run at any time of day, all year round. We simply require a briefing area and spaces where teams can work on their storyboard, plan, film and edit. We use iPads so there’s no need for cumbersome cameras and edit suites. The activity can fit inside a 2 hour time slot but 3 hours is optimal.

14.00 – Introduction and sample films

14.10 – Briefing
Teams are briefed on the subject and duration of their film.

14.20 – Planning
Teams begin by considering their primary message. This should generate the script and storyboard.

15.00 – Filming
With their iPad and props, teams visit various filming locations to record their scenes.

15.30 – Editing
Editing and adding music, captions and special effects.

16.00 – Break
Teams take a break while their films are cued for playback.

16.15 – Film Show
Each team introduces and shows their film.

16.45 – Winners Chosen
Scoring and presentation of prizes/Oscars.

17.00 – Close

The Domino Effect

As organisations grow larger and more complex, it’s important to remember that everyone’s contribution matters, and that sometimes one bad move can cause the whole to fail.

In as little as an hour a team can build a huge colourful display of dominoes. The sense of achievement as each person’s contribution triggers the next is phenomenal.

Key points

  • Powerfully illustrates the power of everyone working to a shared objective
  • Requires respect, consideration and patience within the team
  • A great energiser or finale to a conference
  • Appeals to all ages and fitness levels
  • Suits groups from 6 to 160

The Domino Effect Team Building Activities

The Domino Effect starts with participants working alone, then in small teams before finally coming together to create a giant (possibly record breaking) display.

  • Designing intricate domino stunts
  • Seamlessly connecting with others
  • Focus on the individuals work whilst maintaining perspective on the whole
  • Working with precision and excellence

Sample Format

This event can be run at any time of day, indoors on a hard floor. If time is short a condensed version of the exercise can take less than 60 minutes, the example below shows the 3 hour option:

14.00 – Introduction and Video

14.10 – Warm Up Exercise
A warm up exercise gets participants used to handling dominoes whilst also exploring different peoples’ attitude to risk and the benefits of working in a team.

14.40 – Technique Development
While a video demonstrating 50 different domino stunts plays on a loop participants are encouraged to develop and perfect their own domino toppling tricks and techniques.

15.10 – Team Display
Teams now combine their talents to design a team display.

15.30 – Construction
Teams construct their displays in the designated area, taking care to connect with their neighbouring teams, thereby creating one giant domino toppling display.

16.15 – Break
Teams take a break while the final touches are put to the display.

16.30 – Testing!
The giant domino display is put to the test as the first falling domino stone sets off a chain reaction leading to thousands of coloured toppling dominos.

16.45 – Review
Teams review their element of the display, identifying how each individual contributed to the successful or otherwise finale.

17.00 – Close

Multitasking Team Challenge

This team building activity day requires brains, brawn and buckets of enthusiasm; ensuring every team member can participate and contribute.

Teams must proceed around a series of activity stations. At each activity they must compete against another team to win points or earn fun money.

Key Points

  • Designed to appeal to all comers
  • Great way to mix up people from across the organisation
  • Appeals to all ages and fitness levels
  • Suits groups from 20 to 200
  • Highlights individuals’ strengths
  • An energising alternative to time in the conference room

Multitasking Team Challenge Activities

We combine mentally challenging conundrums, physically testing pursuits and group games to ensure that the teams that play to their strengths, achieve success.

  • Analytical puzzles
  • Team Tasks
  • Bridge Building
  • Human Table Football
  • Circus skills
  • Blindfolded trials
  • Team trust exercises
  • Memory games
  • Lateral thinking activities
  • Navigation exercises

Sample Format

This event can be run at any time of day, all year round. We simply require access to a garden or series of indoor spaces. The activity can fit inside a 1 hour time slot but 3 hours is optimal.

14.00 – Introduction and assign teams

14.05 – Participants put on coloured bibs and cluster in their teams

14.10 – Our event manager briefs teams and hands out supporting information

14.15 – Teams head to their first challenge, earning points along the way

14.30 – First 30 minute head to head team challenges take place

15.00 – Teams move to their next challenge and compete against a different team

Refreshment stations available throughout

16.45 – Scoring and presentation of prizes

Black Cab Challenge

Starting anywhere in London teams set off in their chauffeured Black Cab armed with a set of instructions, and cryptic clues to solve.

This event can be run for groups of 6 to 160 and working against the clock. The Cabs race around London as team members play to their strengths, solving challenges, gathering information, capturing photographs, purchasing souvenirs and working together to win the most points. The routes can be themed to include historic sites, places on a Monopoly board, Sherlock Holmes or Musical London.

Black Cab Challenge Team Building Activities

Our Black Cab Treasure Hunt varies depending on the group size and theme.  To give you an idea of what is included, please see the list below:

  • Problem solving
  • Photographic challenges including the whole team in defined poses and locations
  • Match pictures to places
  • Hunt for and collect specific souvenirs
  • Spot a celebrity
  • Solve bonus puzzles and conundrums

Sample Format

This event can be run all year round and at pretty much any time of day. Please see below a sample format of how your black cab treasure hunt could run.

14.00 – Briefing
Event manager briefs teams and hands out briefing packs, cameras or iPads as appropriate.

14.15 – The Challenge Starts
Teams race to their nearby cab, work out their route and set off to their first clue location.

16.30 – The Challenge Finishes
Deadline to reach the finish location, normally a bar, where the event manager greets each team and scores their efforts.

16.45 – Close
Winners celebrate other commiserate, the party begins….

The Chocolate Challenge™

The Chocolate Challenge models business processes within a highly creative and energizing activity.

Teams must work together creatively, plan strategically and communicate effectively to develop and make a new brand of boxed chocolates. Our skilled facilitators can draw out parallels with day to day working life, so your team leaves with full stomachs and enthused minds.

Key Points

  • Demonstrates the creative power of teams
  • Appeals to all ages and fitness levels
  • Suits groups from 6 to 600
  • Less than an hour required to set up in a conventional meeting room
  • Highlights individuals’ strengths

Chocolate Challenge Team Building Activities

Our Chocolate Challenge allows participants to select a role that appeals to their natural talents, whether that be creative, practical, analytical or dramatic.

  • Creative thinking
  • Chocolate tasting
  • Combining ingredients
  • Piping, shaping and decorating with chocolate
  • Pricing and financial planning
  • Team decision making
  • Packaging design and construction
  • Agreeing a marketing strategy and live pitching

Sample Format

This event can be run as part of a full-day programme, as a stand alone event, or incorporated into your away-day or conference. To give you an idea of how it runs please see our timings below:

14.00 – Introduction
Introduction and Chocolate Quiz

14.15 – Preparation
Participants put on aprons and pipe their names in molten chocolate on chefs hats.

14.30 – Briefing
Our event manager briefs teams and hands out supporting information.

14.40 – Brainstorming and Tasting
Teams brainstorm their product concept and visit the tasting table for inspiration.

15.00 – Production and Marketing
Manufacture of chocolates and packaging gets underway, alongside budgeting and marketing.

16.15 – Break
Teams take a well-earned break ahead of their live product pitches.

16.30 – Product Pitch
Each team gives a 2 minute overview of their product along and demonstration of their advertising.

16.45 – Winners celebrate!
Each team gives a 2 minute overview of their product and demonstrates their TV commercial.


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