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Is your Desk making you Fat?

How much of your day to you spend sitting?  For many of us we sit at the office, during our commute and later when we are resting at home, maybe as much as 14 hours every day!  Frighteningly, recent research suggests that a day spent sitting at a desk will undo the benefits from cycling to work or going to the gym!

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A number of studies into inactivity have been conducted to try to understand what part sedentary behaviour is playing in the rise of obesity and diabetes.

10 Tactics to Create Captivating Conferences

Over the years I’ve experienced some truly inspiring staff conferences, along with some that were as dull as ditch water.  The best manage to combine inspirational messages with sufficient activity to keep the audience bright and alert. 

Follow our tips below in order to make your next conference captivating and successful

Contrary to what speaker bureau would have us believe, it is possible to put on an outstanding staff conference without paying a premium for a celebrity to ‘motivate’ the crowd through the graveyard shift….

Do You Know Why Good People Quit?

As a good leader, you’re probably thinking about the next challenge for your team. In order to maintain a successful team it’s important to hold on to your best players, and to understand the triggers that might cause them to leave.

Knowing why your best employees might quit could help you keep hold of them for longer

What’s particularly surprising is that missing from the list of reasons great talent defects is stress.  …

Is Your Organisation Growing Fruit or Vegetables?

The great Charles Handy made a rare public appearance earlier this week, not speaking to a group of executives but at a fundraising lecture for the family support network Relate.

Is Your Organisation Growing Fruit or Vegetables?

His lecture highlighted the fact that the ‘always on’ culture, combined with less people doing more work in organisations, is threatening family life.  …

Chocolate – a good food to play with

Many of us have a favourite type of chocolate – a classic bar of milk chocolate, perhaps a chunky bar of fruit & nut, the rich taste of a 70% cocoa variety, or a mix of flavours such as sea salt and lime, chilli or ginger. Regardless of your preferred flavour, one of the key factors in enjoying chocolate has always been the “mouthfeel” as you pop it in your mouth and feel it melt.


What's your favourite chocolate??

A small piece of chocolate placed on the tongue and allowed to melt of its own accord, with no sucking or chewing, is the best way to combine the pleasures of taste and texture – fine chocolate has a long ‘finish’, like good wine….

Scientific evidence shows that women are hard-wired to make better managers

In the early 1990’s neuroscientists at the University of Parma discovered that brain cells not only fire when we perform a given action, such as reaching for a cold drink on a hot day, they also fire when we see someone else doing that action – hence the name mirror neuron (click here for a link to the research). This is why we sometimes wince when we see another person experience pain or embarrassment. 

The men vs. women debate continues...

This theory has been used to explain characteristics such as empathy, the ability to read other people’s emotions, with some research* suggesting that the female brain is better able to create mirror neurons and therefore better equipped to anticipate the moods and feelings of others. The men vs women debate continues……..

Communicating with Charisma – 25 Presentation Secrets

Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Anita Roddick are all recognised as outstanding leaders, not just because they made good decisions but because they motivated the people who followed them, especially when they took to the stage and airwaves.

Abraham Lincoln is recognised as an outstanding leader, the world over.

Motivation is complex and we are learning that it is not money but a sense of purpose that gets good people out of bed in the morning …

Woodland Leadership – a unique leadership programme

When a client asked us to come up with a unique ending to their 6 month leadership programme, we decided to break with convention and exchange their hotel for a woodland habitat.

Woodland Leadership Image

Despite the informal setting and the relaxed structure the resounding feedback was that this group feel significantly more confident as leaders.

This next generation of senior managers already spends much of their time in hotels. To conclude this programme in yet another hotel would dilute the impact and miss an opportunity to create lasting memories. Instead we began with breakfast and an intensive session exploring Insights Transformational Leadership before heading into the woods after lunch….

Make sure you use your brake before you break

Many of us are becoming accustomed to the three or four day weekend with Easter, May Day, Whitsun and Jubilee holidays falling so close together.  These enforced Bank Holidays should result in a more rested and energised work force but it seems most of us are using these long weekends not so much to take a break but instead to press lightly on the brakes, keep working and catch up on the back log.

Aerobatics Team Building Event

Everybody has different ways of recharging, make sure you know your way and that you spend time doing it.

Hotels and holiday cottage owners are increasingly promoting ‘free wi-fi’ knowing that it’s a key attraction to potential guests.  Keeping in touch and being able to instantly research local restaurants or even suppliers for a forthcoming work project are high on our list of vacation priorities.  So much so that many holidaying executives report feeling anxiety when they find themselves ‘unplugged.’  And that anxiety only gets greater when they near the end of what should be a relaxing break, fearing the bulging inbox and a pile of unread papers….


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